Google Allo vs WhatsApp | Google Allo Starts war with Whatsapp

Google Allo named chat app  launched by google on September 21, 2016, with this app google entering a crowded market space.

What is the need of fight with whats app

 But we have lot of Existing Apps Like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, WeChat, Line and now Google Allo and Some more number of  chats apps available in apps store,

With in these list  Some of Chat apps are Fully Succeeded and large number users using that apps for daily requirement like contacting with their buddies.

      Some People Using this app to grow up their business, and attract their customers like lots of things, now a day Smart Phone Most Necessary thing in life from child to old age, People are communicating with their buddies like photo sharing, Video audio calling and messaging in their daily life.

   WhatsApp and Facebook highly interacting chat apps for every Smartphone, with in these two apps mostly using  one of them or two chat apps acquiring a space in every smart phone.

    At present if you brought   a smart phone you have install must and should install these two apps, why because your neighbors,your colleagues , your friends and near and dear all are using these apps, if you want interact with them you must have these chats apps.

     After takeover  by Facebook  in 2014 the WhatsApp Take a major role  in chat apps after all these position this two app had get billions of users each. At This this crucial Position Google take big step and launched a chat  app and raised science bottle war with WhatsApp and Team

Google Allo Features

   In this Critical Position if google Allo wants to attract the users and wants to take a  major place in chat app market, Google Allo Should Provide Most attractive new  Feature than rest of  leading apps. in this paragraph we will describe some of google Allo feature :

Smart Reply : In these Google Allo Feature Most Attractive Feature is Smart Reply, this feature will works with artificial intelligence(AI) to decrease message viewing time, The AI will read that messages give auto reply what you had give a response to previous Message like LOL and Ha Ha Ha like words what you had Used.

Auto Delete : this Feature allows you Delete old Messages. for this you have to set the time mode some Hours or some days then it will automatically delete old chat history and old data.

Image and Face Recognition: This Feature is Previous Revolutionary invention by google  that we are used in google image search if we upload a image to google images the search engine will search for you equal photos what you had upload, with these same feature in this google Allo Chat app if any one of your friends and relatives uploaded their image the feature will recognise that image and make a special alert.

Font Size increase :  With this  Google Allo Feature you can increase and adjust font size for your ease of reading.

Gmail Account Sync : With this Google Allo Feature You  Can Check your Mails  alerts in  Notification Area.

Incognito mode :  in some of the time or  most of the time  the user wants privacy at their chat and chat data in this time Google Allo Provide Full Security with incognito mode, and invisible and screen lock mode to protect your privacy. this feature will most attractive than rest  of the the chat apps.

Image Editing:  with This Google Allo feature When ever you want share image or Selfie You Can add some text and you can draw something  with some particular  colours on  that image and you can share it.

Stickers and Emoji :  in this criteria Stickers are new entry and make deference this app with others and there large numbers of stickers and emojis storage to express your feelings while chatting.

Google Assistant:  the Most Attractive feature in this Google Allo is Google Assistant, with this you can googling anything without closing app, with this feature you can search any this like google search engine like videos, images and you can share it also.

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