What is Blue Screen Error- How To Fix It In Windows

Above Blue Screen Error Screen You can See in your Personal Computer     ( PC ) faces Problem in Hardware are Software but don’t compare above image to your Blue Screen Error Problem Because For Every Particular Reason Error it will show difference Error Message.


  i Searched lot of times because i am the victim of this Blue Screen Error Problem, When the problem accrues i just restarted my Computer, This is Repeated a Lot of Times for this Reason I Lost My Whole Data with 1TB Hard Disk is Dead.

     in My Experience In Critical Condition i mean  The Blue Screen Error Problem accrues a lot of time on Your PC There is No Curable alternative is there, you Just Replace Your PC or Some Device Like Hard Disk, Ram  or Mother Board , These are Effective Devises With Blue Screen Error Problem.

      Blue Screen Error Problem Causes Two type of Problem one is   Hard Ware and another one is Software.

How to Check and Solve  Blue Screen Error Problem with Hardware:

     Please Don’t Follow this article you don’t have any awareness about hardware a little bit if you miss placing you have to pay something  that will Damages your Personal Computer ( PC ) , in this case you have to consult a good Hardware Technician he will  solve your problem.

In case  awareness about hard ware you have to do followed things.

  • Check CD or DVD Drive Remove Cd Drive and Never use it that Disk.
  • Remove Pen drive Like Removable Things Never Connect that Problem some Removable Drives.
  • Please Remove Ram and Clean the Header of Ram if there is any Rust Problem, For this use the pencil eraser Smoothly.
  • Remove any Dust Particle in Ram Slot, If have Any Problems in Slot Put the Ram in another Slot.
  • Please Check Hard Disk Cables if it is connected Properly.
  • and also check Power cable properly connected.
  • after  all Proper Fittings Restart Your Computer

These Settings are solved your Blue Screen Error Problem.

How to Check and Solve  Blue Screen Error Problem with Software:

Blue Screen Error problem Caused with Software follow below.

  • My sincere suggestion is  “prevention is better than cure”, you have to give energy to your PC to Face problem itself,  for this you have to do Some do Something.  Click here to Learn How to Speedup your Personal Computer (PC)  this tutorial  make prevent data loss when these type of Blue Screen Error or system slowdown  problem occurred.
  • Update Your Hardware drivers like Graphic card, Printers and Scanner drivers if any attached internal and External hardware.
  • Some time Some Software bugs causes Blue Screen Error Problem, for newbies these is most difficult to find out  which software causes error, Don’t worry about that Newwakeup Blog Tells how to rectify this this problem.
  • for this you have to do something, When the Blue screen Error problem Occurred  read the error message fully and do follow bellow these steps


  • Follow this links MyComputer > C>windows>minidump Open This Foloder Named as minidump
  • in this mini Dump Folder you can find latest crashdump file , if you open crash dump file you can find out with which software you can Raising Blue Screen Error problem.
  • find out that software and must and should uninstall  that software or make it update.


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